Market Your Business Using Facebook Groups

There is a lot of talk around businesses starting up their own facebook groups. I say "go for it" but only if you LOVE it. It takes a lot of time and energy to grow a facebook group - I've got a few, and I'm pitifully poor at looking after them!

(Sorry to all those members but it's completely true!)

However, you can market your business to your target market in other people's groups.You don't want to SPAM them or annoy anyone. So here's my top tips for marketing your business using facebook groups:


If facebook groups ARE the right place for you, and you sell SERVICES here are some helpful tips
1. Always start with giving in your heart – give your time, expertise and information generously before looking to sell
2. Understand some people (most people) may only want the free stuff – so give only what you are prepared to give away.
3. Trust the process.
4. Respect the people you connect with – don’t push for a sale
5. Never PM anyone without their explicit permission – allow them to make the first move (it’s a bit like dating :P)
6. Feel free to cut loose anyone who excessively asks for free information – 95% of people respect your time and energy, but have boundaries with those who do not
7. Have a system in place for building relationships (like a CRM, or at best a diary)
8. DO spend more time with people who fit your target persona
9. If it’s stressing you out, making you anxious – take a break. Anxiety or stress doesn’t make good posts.
10. PLEASE make sure you follow the rules of the group you are in. Otherwise you just annoy everyone.
(and annoying people is not how you build a business!)