About Us

About Us

The Marketing Toolbox is me, wanting you, as a small business owner, to feel you can become more confident, organised and skilled in marketing.

When I'm not developing new courses for TMT (That’s The Marketing Toolbox for short 😉 ), I'm working with clients in our agency Identify, based in Orewa, Auckland or running our MAP IT events around New Zealand and Australia.

I work with businesses in NZ andAustralia teaching them much of what you’ve got access to here. I've created courses and lessons that I know are needed, because they are exactly what our clients want again and again.

I care about every single person who signs up to The Marketing Toolbox. I love seeing you learn and then apply the learning and see success. It's the best thing ever!

TMT was set up to look after the thousands of businesses like yours who operate as a sole trader, or with a small team If you’re one of those, you know you need marketing, but you also know that for now, it’s probably going to be YOU doing it all. We want to help you do it right.

As a business, we’ve done lean, we’ve done fast growth, we’ve made mistakes, we’ve learned, we’ve taught.

We’re on your side. We’re always happy to get ideas for course topics - once with us, feel free to drop us in a request. We’ll pop it on the board, and make it a priority

Rachel Klaver

PS:  Not sure where to start? If you don't have a marketing strategy, you'll be able to write one yourself using the courses in THE APPRENTICE membership package.  Join and we'll guide you through the whole process. You just stay as little or as long as you need.